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panty raider

bizarre story…even more bizarre realization. this might be a case of t.m.i….come on partner, get yourself in check.

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heartache leave

taking time off for ANY reason is (as far as we’re concerned) totally acceptable!  but ditchin’ work because of a broken heart…come on. ya gotta draw the line somewhere.


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the proposition

for the record, it was merely hypothetical question…honest!


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the five second rule

now there’s the five second rule…and then there’s this.


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ruining the magic

they screwed it up for the guy behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz…and now they’re trying to do it to the buzz…can we just leave well enough alone people…pleeeeeeeease!?!?


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gay ringtones

brutal honesty…just one partner lookin’ out for the other.  that’s how we roll.


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pancakes or flapjacks?

a good argument stimulates the mind…even if it’s over a breakfast item.


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fitness regime

for a high profile radio show like the buzz, appearance is everything!  so fitness is never taken lightly.


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