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what kind of “hero” are you?

on the drive with kenny jones – we got to talkin’ tv.  more precisely the fall schedule.  the only good thing about summer going away is all of our favorite stories are back on the tube.


the anticipation is killing me.  but nothing is more irritating than having to watch them as they air!  thank …

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ellen will join the ‘idol’ judges…permanantly

on the drive with kenny jones – just when we thought there may be a chance of fox & paula abdul coming to an agreement to get the bubbly, adorable and most the time, tipsy recording artist back on the panel of a.i. judges…enter ellen degeneres.


in case you haven’t heard by now – ellen …

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digital cameras – the death of photography

on the drive with kenny jones – we got into a heated debate over photography.  some of the drive contingent think that the digital camera is the greatest invention since sliced bread, while others believe that the digital age has ruined photography.


a man known as “grady” has recently launched a website called keggersofyore.com.  …

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schools, rules and haircuts

on the drive with kenny jones – go on the topic of haircuts and school.  one of the drive contingent posted on his facebook that he was “off to get a hair cut.”  to which i replied, “nooooooooooooooooo!”  his rebuttle, “my school is making me.”

that’s right – my school is MAKING me!

does a …

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army of flea size robots to do our bidding

on the drive with kenny jones – we discussed the creation of the robo flea.  swedish researchers are currently working on bunch of tiny, flea-sized robots to do our bidding.

i-swarm robots can be used for everything from surveillance to cleaning to helping with medical procedures. the trick to building useful little robots is to …

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dutch like going to the bathroom more than sex

on the drive with kenny jones – we discussed a survey that revealed what the most enjoyable activities are according to the dutch.  and i would like to know just what the hell is going on in those dutch bathrooms!

a new survey released yesterday claims that 88% of respondents listed a visit to the …

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back to school…already?

on the drive with kenny jones  – we discussed going back to school. and it seems to be the consensus that nobody is ready for school to start.  it’s like summer just started.


now when i say nobody wants summer vacation to end – i mean nobody!  believe it or not students – your …

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rock ‘n’ jordan…please hold

on rock ‘n’ jordan with kenny and hitch – the strangest thing happened to us.  we got a phone call from on of the rnj faithful and got put on hold while they thought of a request…THEY called US…then put US on hold.


normally we would have put the phone down – but i think …

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farting in studio – acceptable or unacceptable

on rock ‘n’ jordan with kenny and hitch – we got into a bit of a debate over the etiquette of passing gas.

after a fill up at one of the buffets for iftar – hitch found the ability to control his bodily functions was quite the task.  i normally wouldn’t care – however, i …

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